Single Serve Pour Over Packets

Watch here to learn how to use the single serve packet. Updated video coming soon! And if you got your packet on or after March 8, 2024, you're drinking the Musa Abalulesa - Oma Fontule from Ethiopia. Enjoy!

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1 packet
224ml / 8oz / 1 cup of water, just off the boil
Kitchen scale (optional, but it helps)
1. Pull the wings apart and place packet over the mug.
2. Bloom- pour about 30ml of water, or just enough to cover the grounds. Let it sit for 30 seconds.
3. Slowly pour the remaining water through the coffee, making sure to cover the grounds. If the water gets to the top of the bag, pause and let it recede until it's just over the grounds.
4. Enjoy your coffee!