This photo shows Andy Hollander, owner of aRoastia, pouring beans into a Diedrich coffee roaster to begin the roasting process.

Welcome to aRoastia!!!!

Hello world, we've arrived!!!!

aRoastia is a new coffee roaster, located in Astoria, NYC. We are committed to roasting tasty specialty coffee that highlights unique attributes of one of the world's most consumed beverages. We're also here to help you enjoy one of the most wonderful rituals of your day... your coffee. 

For our website launch we have two items:

  • a blind faith pre-order from our upcoming inaugural roast. While we're not fully ready to share all the details, expect that it's going to be from an East African country, and that it's going to be roasted to bring out beautiful fruit features and some bright acidity. If all goes well, this should be in our hands and then yours in mid-December, 2023.
  • A hat! We kind of love how the Eric Kachel designed logo came out, and even more so how it looks on a hat. These hats should also be in hand in mid-December.

Best of all, from launch through Monday, 11/27/2023, everything on the site will have a 10% discount applied!

Stay tuned to this space as we grow- more coffees, subscriptions, more items (we are really excited to launch our "It Grows Together And It Goes Together" series), and more fun to be had! Sign up below for our email list. Also, find our page on Instagram and Facebook and give us a follow... we got some algorithms to infiltrate. We're @aroastia pretty much everywhere we can be.

Thanks for coming on this ride with us,


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